Burak Topcu


Software Engineer

About Me

Concisely, I write about something from university life. I attended Industrial Engineering at Sakarya University as well as, 2 years later, I attended Computer Engineering of Double Major Undergraduate program. Not only I attended university but also I joined civil society organization activities. I had a successful university life. After I graduated from university, I developed an enterprise application which is special for Ship Management Companies. As a result of the knowhow that I got from enterprise application, I accomplished two more projects.

I would like to work at Software Sectors in order to give a direction to my career. I developed Human Resources and Salaries Software( laws and regulations ) while I was working for 2 years in a software company. Now , I am developing in-house applications such as Asp.Net , MVC , Ipad

Other Projects

PMS - continue

It provides a planned maintenance for vessels. Technical officers of crew control the equipments with this application at the specific period range. Therefore, this application creates work order. It is synchronized with the center office. Windows Application C#.


Students' information , exam results , schedule for future are included in an Asp.Net MVC 4 application. This application provides writing a report with specific rules for responsible people like a teacher, consultant, supervisor

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Broker Manager

This application is freight calculations to ships. It reports to user as a pricing considering the past voyages. It prepares pricing reports considering the past voyages. Transported cargos , ports , elapsed time to voyages etc are included this application. Windows Application C#.

Voyage Performance

This project was conducted by Promatech with OMV Petrol Ofisi. I was included as a consultant to the project. I worked as a consultant, as well as I accomplished the project to a specific point as a software for two monhts. Windows Application C#.

Work Experince

Senior Software Developer - Pegasus Airlines (07.2013 - Present)

I have been working at Pegasus Airlines since 2013. Asp.Net , MVC , Schedule Job , WinCe , XCode(ios) , WCF-WebApi technologies are used in Pegasus Airlines. All of the projects are about 20 Asp.Net projects and many applications are in-house. Furthermore, I develop integration works ( Logo to AMOS). These projects include ORACLE database. Only WinCe application use SDF (MS-SQL Compact). Usually, at least three people who are business unit, business analyst and software developer manage applications.

Software Engineer - Bisar Information Technologies (09.2011 - 06.2013)

I accomplished Human Resources and Salaries project special for the community ( legal and regulatory compliance). This project had n-tier architect with entity framework technology on WCF(Services). The salary calculations were extended on project for employee and civil salaries. The application that I developed in 2 years was the first product of this project.

Software Engineer & Project Manager- CSM Ship Management (06.2008 - 07.2011)

I developed a project for special ship management sectors which is includes Crew, Freight, OPEX, Safety, Technic, Supply modules.

It works offline mode in ship while it is synchronizing center office. This project had C# and MSSQL. I accomplished business analyzes and operations with captains to create business plan. There was 3 persons and it took 3 years.